Artists Against Human Trafficking

I recently discovered a nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking, specifically in children. It offers artists an opportunity to contribute a piece of artwork, and have the sale price donated to this fight against childhood trafficking.  If you feel at all inclined to help fight this horrible enslavement of our children, there are links at the bottom of this post.

The following is a message I received from the organization.


"We would like to welcome Artist: Lilly Land of Lilly's Artwork to our Community of Artists. Thank you for these 4 amazing individual pieces to our collection."


"Rainbow Pyramid Prism Acrylic Print" 1 of 4 — Art For O.U.R.


"Rainbow Fractal Loop Acrylic Print" 2 of 4 — Art For O.U.R.


"Rainbow Tunnel Fractal Prism Acrylic Print" 3 of 4 — Art For O.U...


"Rainbow Fractal Swoop Acrylic Print" 4 of 4 — Art For O.U.R.

Much Thanks,

Susie Webster ~ Team Member

Dan, Nikki, Jennifer, and Susie


We couldn't do this without your support!

--------------------------------Things you can do today to fight child trafficking:

1: Donate Your Creations! Go to: We are a 501c3 (61-19999562).

2: Make a Purchase!  Shop here:

3: Shop Through Amazon!  Click here:

4: Join and Subscribe  Go to:

5: Join Facebook! Go to:

6. Make a Cash Donation!  Go to:

7. Complete a Google Review!  Please go to:

8. Register as a Volunteer! Go to at:

9. Join the Team! We are all volunteers. To help email us at:

10. Use Your Bitcoin! (NFT's) Go to:

11. Buy a Safe Smartphone for Kids and Teens! Visit this link to receive a Troomi Kid-Safe Smartphone and $30 will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad: Also, save $50 with this code: TroomiOUR.

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